For a professional contractor, renting a dumpster is a regular practice. On the other hand, a homeowner might not be as knowledgeable about the process. A lot of people think that every dumpster is the same. However, that isn’t the case at all.  


You might notice that most dumpsters have the same shape. However, there are a couple of various types to choose from. The type of dumpster greatly depends on the project. Fortunately, dumpsters for residential projects are pretty straightforward.  

Are you planning to hire a dumpster rental company for your next residential project? Here are a couple of tips you can consider: 

Think About the Price 

Typically, residential dumpster rentals are cheaper compared to commercial dumpster rentals. However, you should read the contract before you sign it if the price appears too cheap. Most dumpster rental companies charge overage fees whenever you fill the dumpster beyond the capacity. Thus, you should ask about that. You should also be wary of any extra one-time costs.  

The Rental Company Should Include Drop-Off and Pick-Up 

You have to ensure the rental company will handle your drop-off and pick-up needs. A trained professional should deliver the container and set it up properly. That same professional should be the one removing the dumpster once you’re done with it.  

Keep in mind that you should not move a container by yourself. The rental company should handle everything. Else, you might end up in an accident.  

Consider Aesthetics 

We all know that dumpsters aren’t made for decoration. You probably consider it an eyesore when you place it on your driveway. Fortunately, modern dumpsters have aesthetic features on them.  

You should search for dumpsters that are made for residential use. Typically, these dumpsters are well-maintained, cleaner, and slimmer. Still, you have to consider reliability. You’ve got to ensure the container is strong enough to handle your waste.  

Type of Dumpster 

If you have a minor project, you can choose a small roll-off bin. You should also choose the regular open-top model. These containers are made for residential projects, such as junk removal, home decluttering, and renovations.  

It’s Best to Use Smaller Containers 

You should look for rental companies that provide small dumpsters. These containers are more suitable for residential projects, such as garage decluttering or junk removal. Typically, homeowners will stick to dumpsters smaller than 30 feet. This depends on the project. This type of dumpster can handle anything from broken appliances to old furniture.  

For residential projects, professionals don’t recommend big dumpsters. Since your site is small, you will have a hard time placing the dumpster properly. 

You should think about your goals when you are trying to figure out the right size. What are the materials you’re removing? What is the scope of your project? You should also evaluate other things such as: 

  • Can you recycle other materials such as vinyl, wood chips, and more? 
  • Can you donate other items such as electronics and furniture? 

Once you know your goals, you can look around for a dumpster that is ideal for your needs.