Without a doubt, a construction project is filled with a lot of dangerous objects. From falling debris to hazardous chemicals, contractors need to guarantee the safety of the residents of the house and the workers. While dumpster rentals are popular, a lot of people don’t give too much thought to the dangers these containers present.  


Though it might appear simple to throw away waste into a dumpster, you must consider safety. This will help you avoid any accidents and injuries. Thus, for your next dumpster rental Cedar Rapids Iowa, here are a couple of safety tips to consider: 

Be Careful of Animals 

Almost every dumpster has an open-top. That is why they are prone to pests, such as mice and raccoons. These critters will dig around searching for food, particularly at night. It does not matter if it is convenient. You should not get tempted to dump your leftover foods in the dumpster. You should tell everyone that the dumpster is for construction waste only. You can set up a normal trash bin for any non-construction waste.  

Avoid Fires 

Construction debris are often flammable. Thus, you should not light matches or smoke near an open dumpster. For those who don’t know, all it takes is a tiny spark to send chemicals, electronics, and old furniture up in flames. As a safety measure, place a fire extinguisher near the dumpster.  

Keep Away Your Kids for Safety 

Kids are curious individuals. Thus, if they see some unusual item, it will capture their attention. However, dumpsters aren’t a place for play. You should keep away your children from the dumpster. You can also use barrier gates to block off your kids. Aside from having sharp edges that can lead to cuts, your kid’s tiny hands can also get caught in swinging doors.  

Furthermore, make sure nothing is hanging out from the dumpster.  

Practice Safe Use 

While dumpsters might appear easy to use, they sometimes contain moving components that need a safe operation. You should ask the company for a brief guide after they deliver your container. Knowing particular hinges and levers can help prevent crushing hazards or pinching. Before you load up your dumpster, make sure you know how to use locks, latches, and doors.  

If you accidentally throw out something, make sure you have a partner to help get rid of the surrounding debris. You should not try to walk into a dumpster alone. It’s best to have another person nearby.  

Select a Safe Location 

Almost every dumpster rental company places their dumpster on the driveway when it comes to residential projects. However, it is best to avoid placing the dumpster too close to your home. The reason for this is that they can turn into a hazard for small kids and homeowners. You should rather place your dumpster far enough away from the front entrance.  

Still, you have to consider the convenience for the workers. Aside from that, you should also consider truck clearance since it’s vital when you order the dumpster